Distributor of chemicals, food ingredients
and lab equipment

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Our areas of expertise

We are suppliers of chemical solutions, specialized in 4 areas of activity.
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Food & Feed

Additives, auxiliaries and ingredients, we also offer cleaning products for the food industry.

Pharma & Cosmetics

We supply high-purity products from a dense network of reliable producers.
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Pool & Water Treatment

We offer a wide range of products for water treatment in swimming pools and SPAs, in all packaging formats.

Laboratory equipment

For your analysis or synthesis needs, we supply the brands or qualities you require: ask for our catalog!

International sourcing

Our dense network of international partners will anable us to optimize your sourcing.Since 1775, we've been building close, trust-based relationships with our partners, producers and distributors in Europe and around the world. Thanks to our network, we can take care of your sourcing and the supply of your products or molecules. We guarantee a substantial stock to offset current market difficulties.

Our products

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A one-stop shop for your laboratory

Expert for decades in laboratory reagents, equipment and supplies, Zundel & Kohler is your trustworthy and reliable partner of choice. The strength of a dense network of suppliers and responsiveness proven since over 103 years! Find out more at contact@zundel-kohler.pro
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Our expertise for your sourcing requests

Looking for a specific product? Lacking of time to conduct market research? Zundel & Kohler offers its sourcing expertise at your disposal, on a domestic, international and/or global scale. With no quantity restrictions, your challenge is our priority: contact@zundel-kohler.pro .
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Looking for lactic acid?

The current geopolitical context is having a major impact on continental lactic acid supplies. Zundel & Kohler is organized to cope with these unavailabilities and offers you technical or food grades (min. 80%) to secure your production. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further details: contact@zundel-kohler.pro .
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Premium grade Phosphoric Acid for you

Logistical slowdowns and limited phosphorus volumes are having a major impact on continental phosphoric acid supplies. Zundel & Kohler is pleased to promote the availability of a premium food material (75%) to secure your production.
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Zundel, France's leading chemical distributor

The company, which has been based in Alsace since the 18th century, is the oldest chemical distributor in France. A family adventure since 1775! Thanks to our extensive experience, we can now offer you top-quality chemical products in fields requiring extensive experience and numerous safety protocols: Food & Feed, Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics, Swimming Pools & Spas, as well as a wide range of laboratory products.

Our history

Safety & Environment

Safety is the top priority of all our operations. Products are delivered to your premises fully safety-proofed, with upmost environment care.

Product Qualification

Our skills enable us to help you in finding the right product fit to your requirements, and qualify them for you.

On-site use tests and trials on request!



ZK staff is fully available to understand your current requirements and expectations, as well as your future needs.


Thanks to optimized pick-up and delivery times, ZK is able to meet your needs in the shortest possible time.