Pharma & cosmetics 
Premium products, with impeccable follow-up

The pharmaceutical and cosmetics sectors are currently under a great deal of pressure, with extended lead times, import/export slowdowns, rising energy prices and product unavailability. The collateral damage of the Covid-19 pandemic has also had a significant impact on our resources. Thanks to our dense network and wide experience, we will be able to overcome these difficulties to fulfill your high-end needs, while complying with the strict regulations and pharmacopoeias applicable.

Tailor-made substances for you

Trust Zundel & Kohler to distribute your pharmaceutical products safely, with a dedicated team at your service, operating transparently. ZK teams are committed to providing you with the right ingredient, at the right price, delivered at the right time! ZK's sourcing department enables us to mitigate supply risks, in strict compliance with specifications and current regulations. Customized warehousing, express delivery, inventory management, precise scheduling and the search for alternative suppliers are just some of the services ZK can offer you.