Methanol, Acetonitrile, Hexane... Zundel & Kohler offers you a wide range of quality solvents at the best prices for your projects.
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Our range of solvents includes a wide selection of often liquid substances that can be used to dilute, dissolve or extract other elements without chemical modification.

Like all chemical products, solvents can generate health risks, such as skin and nervous system disorders ; they remain hazardous even in small doses and occasional exposure.

Storing solvents also generates risks, since they remain extremely flammable, nevermind the temperature. Zundel & Kohler is your partner of choice to mitigate the risks, offering turnkey servicing in a reactive and competitive manner.


Safety & Environment

Safety is the top priority of all our operations. Products are delivered to your premises fully safety-proofed, with upmost environment care.

Product Qualification

Our skills enable us to help you in finding the right product fit to your requirements, and qualify them for you.

On-site use tests and trials on request!



ZK staff is fully available to understand your current requirements and expectations, as well as your future needs.


Thanks to optimized pick-up and delivery times, ZK is able to meet your needs in the shortest possible time.